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    The invention concerns hydrocarbon processing and particularly to removal of hydrogen sulfide H2S from oil and gas streams. The invention is a method of enhancing the efficiency of removal of H2S by hexamethylenetetramine that exploits the fact that it is a formaldehyde donor similar in function as triazines. In...

    IPCOM000250645D | 2017-Aug-14
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    IPCOM000250644D | 2017-Aug-14
  3. 53.
    IPCOM000250643D | 2017-Aug-14
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    Disclosed are methods to produce advanced implant coil designs to optimize fatigue and impact performance. The main approaches include adding spacers in between the implant coil turns, adding protective elements to the coil, and creating areas of increased flexibility or voids to allow the coil wires to more freely...

    IPCOM000250642D | 2017-Aug-14
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    Disclosed is an active auditory prosthesis band with a robust design to accommodate active sporting.

    IPCOM000250641D | 2017-Aug-14
  6. 56.

    The Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2 (IKEv2) [RFC7296] is a protocol for establishing IPsec Security Associations (SAs), using IKE messages over UDP for control traffic, and using Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) [RFC4303] messages for encrypted data traffic. Many network middleboxes that filter traffic...

    IPCOM000250640D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Aug-01
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    The methodologies described in [RFC2544] and [RFC5180] help vendors and network operators alike analyze the performance of IPv4 and IPv6-capable network devices. The methodology presented in [RFC2544] is mostly IP version independent, while [RFC5180] contains complementary recommendations that are specific to the...

    IPCOM000250639D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Aug-01
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    A BlockChain design for the validation of Network Function (NF) workflows is presented. A BlockChain Transaction Processor (BTP) is capable of leveraging existing Application Programming Interfaces provided by each NF to produce transactions containing the INPUT and OUTPUT information of each NF. A Transaction...

    IPCOM000250638D | 2017-Aug-11
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    Scheduled virtual meetings in a conference room can be joined by a single button press via the One Button To Push (OBTP) feature. However, if a meeting is ad-hoc or a room has not yet been booked, the OBTP is not available. The techniques described herein enable a user to join a virtual meeting and also...

    IPCOM000250637D | 2017-Aug-11
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    According to standard circuit emulation service over packet switch network (CESoPSN) Pseudo Wires (PW), end-to-end latency is proportional to the attachment circuit (AC) bandwidth, especially for low bandwidth applications. However, low latency and time critical Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) application...

    IPCOM000250636D | 2017-Aug-11