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    IPCOM000250968D | 2017-Sep-21
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    Durch zwei separate Entlüftungskreisläufe können die Abscheideleistungen der Ölabscheider für jeden Kreislauf optimiert werden. Durch die Verwendung nur eines Schaltelementes ergeben sich Vorteile hinsichtlich Package und Kosten, Anzahl der Bauteile und ein geringeres Gewicht. Anstatt mehrere einzelne Ventile in einem...
    IPCOM000250967D | 2017-Sep-21
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    Process for preparation of Form T of a prostacyclin derivative of formula (1) by employing an aqueous medium without any organic solvent for the isolation of the active ingredient.
    IPCOM000250966D | 2017-Sep-21
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    Motion detector technology allows users or a device to detect moving objects in proximity. Motion detection is used in variety of applications to interact with devices, to detect presence of an object or a user, detect movement, occupancy etc. Generally, the motion detection is used in buildings to detect the...
    IPCOM000250965D | 2017-Sep-21
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    Retroreflective articles made according to techniques described in WO2016053734 can be designed for enhanced retroreflective coefficient at high entrance angles.
    IPCOM000250964D | 2017-Sep-20
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    IPCOM000250963D | 2017-Sep-20
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    IPCOM000250962D | 2017-Sep-20
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    Adjustable screen opening for sand control and water cutoff add-on module to completion system
    IPCOM000250961D | 2017-Sep-19
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    This invention couples a plasma vapor deposition (PVD) blade tip coating on titanium blades with a dense abradable coating on the high-pressure compressor (HPC) case where the abradable coating has a higher density and improved durability over the traditional porous abradable coatings. The blade tip coatings increase...
    IPCOM000250960D | 2017-Sep-19
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    IPCOM000250959D | 2017-Sep-19