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    IPCOM000252532D | 2018-Jan-22
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    IPCOM000252531D | 2018-Jan-22
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    IPCOM000252530D | 2018-Jan-22
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    IPCOM000252529D | 2018-Jan-22
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    The method proposed in this ID could be used to prevent the microgrid or active distribution network enters the instable operation by using pre-set key system operation parameters in lookup table, which could be obtained by theoretical analysis for this microgrid or active distribution network.
    IPCOM000252528D | 2018-Jan-22
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    This invention disclosure proposed an oscillation damping solution used in an active distribution network or a power system connected with power electronic interfaced converters, e.g. wind converters etc.. By using the solution proposed in this invention disclosure, the oscillations lower than fundamental frequency in...
    IPCOM000252527D | 2018-Jan-22
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    DKIM [RFC6376] signs email messages by creating hashes of the message headers and content and signing the header hash with a digital signature. Message recipients fetch the signature verification key from the DNS where it is stored in a TXT record.
    IPCOM000252526D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Jan-01
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    This document defines a Layer 3 VPN service data model written in YANG. The model defines service configuration elements that can be used in communication protocols between customers and network operators. Those elements can also be used as input to automated control and configuration applications.
    IPCOM000252525D | Original Publication Date: 2018-Jan-01
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    IPCOM000252524D | 2018-Jan-20
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    IPCOM000252523D | 2018-Jan-20