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Fuze for riot control grenade (USH0000215) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000000215D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Mar-23

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US Statutory Invention Registration (SIRs)

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Stewart, Paul L. [+details]
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This fuze is a subassembly of a spherical smoke grenade. The grenade compes a rubber case with the main charge therein. The fuze comprises a metal body one surface of which is sperhical and forms part of the spherical exterior of the grenade. The fuze comprises an arm/safe mechanism which includes pins, pull rings, a handle and a hermetically sealed delay ignition system which comprises a primer, two ignition mixes and a delay mix. The firing pin is mounted in a radial hole in the fuze body with an arm/safe pin mounted in another hole which is away from the firing pin hole. The arm/safe pin engages a slot in the firing pin to hold it in the safe or retracted position. The arm/safe mechanism is designed so that none of the parts thereof, except for the handle, can fly out as the grenade is thrown. The O-rings associated with the firing pin and the arm/safe pin are designed so that they provide a moisture proof seal during the shelf life of the grenade but when the grenade is thrown they do not produce any unwanted friction which might cause misfiring.