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Weapon trainer using IR radiation emitted from target (USH0000218) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000000218D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Mar-23

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US Statutory Invention Registration (SIRs)

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Marshall, Albert H. Fields, Randy R. [+details]
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USH000218 US06/862337 [+details]


A marksmanship training system has been developed which depends upon the mal levels of infrared radiation emitted from warm-blooded animals, such as humans. An infrared detector is mounted upon a simulated rifle or unloaded real rifle, or other weapon. This detector is mounted with IR lenses in such a way that a positive indication is given when the rifle is pointed at a suitable infrared emitting animal target. A second detector indicates when the trigger of the weapon is pulled. If a trigger pull is detected at a time when an animal infrared signal is present, the system generates an electronic pulse indicating that a target hit has occurred. This pulse may be used to drive a visible or audible signaling device to inform the user of success.