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Military supplement to the ISO Transport Protocol (RFC1007) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001810D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12
Document File: 20 page(s) / 46K

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Network Working Group Wayne McCoy

Request for Comments: 1007 June 1987




Status of this Memo

This RFC is being distributed to members of the Internet community

in order to solicit comments on the Draft Military Supplement.

While this document may not be directly relevant to the research

problems of the Internet, it may be of some interest to a number

of researchers and implementors. Distribution of this memor is



1.1 Purpose.

This document supplements the Transport Service and Protocol of the

International Standards Organization (ISO), IS 8072 and IS 8073,

respectively, and their formal descriptions by providing conventions,

option selections and parameter values to be used when the protocol

is operated within the scope of the applicability statement in

Paragraph 1.3 below. Paragraph 1.4, below, describes the ISO

standards. Full implementation detail is not provided in this

document, but reference is made to a separate document, entitled

"Implementation Guide for the ISO Transport Protocol", in which

guidance for implementation is given.

1.2 Organization.

Five sections comprise this supplement. In Section 1, the role and

purpose of the Transport Protocol are stated and the international

standards upon which the protocol is based are described. These

documents, as well as others supporting the international standards

and this supplement are listed in Section 2. Other definitions not

already included in the international standards and supporting

documents are given in Section 3. The international standards cover

a very wide variety of network environments and situations. There

is, thus, a collection of options and parameters provided by the

standards which must be determined for specific uses. Section 4

states the options and parameters relevant to those implementations

to which this supplement applies, and defines usage conventions.

Conventions for addressing and Transport connection reference

number usage and recovery of the Transport connection from peer

deactivation are covered in Section 5.

1.3 Application.

The use of the Transport Protocol Class 4 and the Protocol for

Providing the Connectionless-Mode Network Service (IS 8473) is

mandatory foruse in all DOD packet-switched data networks where

there is a potential for host-to-host connectivity across network

or subnetwork boundaries. The term "net...