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Implementation plan for interagency research Internet (RFC1015) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001819D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Jul-01
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This RFC proposes an Interagency Research Internet as the natural outgrowth of the current Internet. This is an "idea paper" and discussion is strongly encouraged.

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Network Working Group Barry M. Leiner Request for Comments: 1015 RIACS July 1987

Implementation Plan for Interagency Research Internet


The RFC proposes an Interagency Research Internet as the natural outgrowth of the current Internet. This is an "idea paper" and discussion is strongly encouraged. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


Networking has become widespread in the scientific community, and even more so in the computer science community. There are networks being supported by a number of the Federal agencies interested in scientific research, and many scientists throughout the country have access to one or more of these networks. Furthermore, there are many resources (such as supercomputers) that are accessible via these networks.

While many of these networks are interconnected on an informal basis, there is currently no consistent mechanism to allow sharing of the networking resources. Recognizing this problem, the FCCSET Committee on Very High Performance Computing formed a Network Working Group. This group has recommended an administrative and management structure for interconnecting the current and planned agency networks supporting research. The structure is based on the concept of a network of networks using standard networking protocols.

This report elaborates on the earlier recommendation and provides an implementation plan. It addresses three major areas; communications infrastructure, user support, and ongoing research. A management and administrative structure is recommended for each area, and a budgetary estimate provided. A phased approach for implementation is suggested that will quickly provide interconnection and lead to the full performance and functionality as the required technologies are developed and installed. While this report addresses the interconnection of agency networks, and cooperation by certain federal agencies, some discussion is presented of the possible role that industry can play in support and use of such a network.

Work reported herein was supported by Cooperative Agreement NCC 2- 387 from the National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration (NASA) to

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RFC 1015 IRI Plan July 1987

the Universities Space Research Association (USRA). This report was prepared in response to a request from John Cavallini, Chairman of the Networking Working Group of the FCCSET Committee on Very High Performance Computing.


Computer networks are critical in providing scientists access to computing resources (such as supercomputers) and permitting computer supported interaction between researchers. Several agencies, recognizing this need, have established networks to provide the needed communications infrastructure. The need for this infrastructure, though, cuts across the various agencies. To that end, the FCCSET Committee on Very High Performance Computing Network Working Group has recommended the formation of an Interagency Research Internet (IRI) [1].

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