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HEMS variable definitions (RFC1024) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001828D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12

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Network Working Group C.Partridge

Request For Comment: 1024 BBN/NNSC

G. Trewitt


October 1987



This memo assigns instruction codes, defines object formats and

object semantics for use with the High-Level Monitoring and Control

Language, defined in RFC-1023.

This memo is provisional and the definitions are subject to change.

Readers should confirm that they have the most recent version of the


The authors assume a working knowledge of the ISO data encoding

standard, ASN.1, and a general understanding of the IP protocol


Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


In other memos [RFC-1021, RFC-1022] the authors have described a

general system for monitoring and controlling network entities; this

system is called the High-Level Entity Management System (HEMS).

This system permits applications to read and write values in remote

entities which support a simple query processor.

In this memo we standardize the language instruction codes, the

objects which can be read or written, and the meanings of any

constants stored in the objects. There are three parts to this

standardization: (1) the assignment of an ASN.1 tag to each value,

(2) the definition of the external representation of the value (e.g.,

INTEGER, OCTETSTRING, etc.), and (3) the definition of the meaning,

or semantics of a value (e.g., what types of packets a particular

packet counter actually tracks).

This definition is provisional, and the authors hope that it will be

expanded and improved as the community becomes more experienced with

HEMS. Readers with suggestions for additional object definitions, or

improved definitions are encouraged to contact the authors.


All HEMS values are conveyed between applications and entities using

the High-Level Entity Management Protocol (HEMP) specified in RFC-

1022. All values specified in this memo are passed in the data

sections of HEMP messages. For all message types, the data section

is a SEQUENCE of objects. For requests, these objects are operations

and their operands. Replies contain a sequence of objects retrieved

by a request. Events contain an initial event object followed by an

optional number of objects related to the event.

Messages conforming to this memo should s...