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IAB recommendations for the development of Internet network management standards (RFC1052) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001859D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12
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During its development history, the community of researchers, developers, implementors and users of the DARPA/DoD TCP/IP protocol suite have experimented with a wide range of protocols in a variety of different networking environments. The Internet has grown, especially in the last few years, as a result of the widespread availability of software and hardware supporting this system. The scaling of the size and scope of the Internet and increased use of its technology in commercial applications has underscored for researchers, developers and vendors the need for a common network management framework within which TCP/IP products can be made to work.

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Network Working Group V. Cerf

Request for Comments: 1052 NRI

April 1988

IAB Recommendations for the Development of

Internet Network Management Standards

Status of this Memo

This memo is intended to convey to the Internet community and other

interested parties the recommendations of the Internet Activities

Board (IAB) for the development of network management protocols for

use in the TCP/IP environment. The memo does NOT, in and of itself,

define or propose an Official Internet Protocol. It does reflect,

however, the policy of the IAB with respect to further network

management development in the short and the long term. Distribution

of this memo is unlimited.


At the IAB meeting on 21 March 88 in videoconference, the report of

the Ad Hoc Network Management Review Committee was reviewed. The

recommendations of the committee were endorsed by the IAB and

direction given to the chairman of the Internet Engineering Task

Force to take the necessary steps to implement the recommendations.

The IAB expressed its gratitude for the efforts of the HEMS, SNMP and

CMIP/CMIS working groups and urged that parties with technical

interest in the outcome of the network management working groups

convey their ideas and issues to the relevant working group chairmen.

The IETF chairman was directed to form two new working groups, one of

which would be responsible for the further specification and

definition of elements to be included in the Management Information

Base (MIB). The other would be responsible for defining extensions

to the Simple Network Management Protocol to accommodate the short-

term needs of the network vendor and operator communities. The

longer-term needs of the Internet community are to be met using the

ISO CMIS/CMIP framework as a basis. A working group of the IETF

exists for this work and would continue its work, coordinating with

the two new groups and reporting to the IETF chairman for guidance.

The output of the MIB working group is to be provided to both the

SNMP working group and the CMIS/CMIP ["Netman"] working group so as

to assure compatibility of monitored items for both network

management frameworks.

Specific Recommendations

The IAB recommends that the Simple Network Management Protocol be

adopted as the BASIS for network management in the short-term.

Extensions may be required to the existing SNMP specification to

accommodate additional data types or to de...