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User/Server Site Protocol Network Host Questionnaire (RFC0106) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001867D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Mar-01
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NETWORK WORKING GROUP NIC 5776 Request for Comments #106 Thomas O’Sullivan RDS 3 March 1971


The answer to a number of questions about the characteristics and operation of Network HOSTS will be useful to implementers of some early versions of TELNET, and/or to the USER/SERVER SITE PROTOCOL Committee in their consideration of a full TELNET PROTOCOL specification.

Questions of current interest are covered on the attached questionnaire. The Technical Liaison contact at each HOST site is asked to review these questions and fill in the answers as soon as convenient after receipt.

One of the members of the committee listed below will contact each HOST site by telephone in the next few days to record the answers.

Committee members include:

Bob Long SDC

John Melvin SRI/ARC

Ed Meyer MIT/MAC

Tom O’Sullivan RDS

Results of the questionnaire will be tabulated and distributed as an RFC.

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For TELNET Consideration

Installation __________________________ Prepared By _______________

System** _____________________________ Date _____________________

1.) Does system operate on keyboard terminal input on one character at a time (e.g. searching for a special character other than end of line), or does it accumulate a line at a time and operate on the line when a special character is entered, e.g. Carriage Return (CR)?

[ ] Line at time

[ ] Character at time

[ ] Both (Explain) __________________________________




2.) What maximum buffer size does your system provide for input of a physical line from a keyboard terminal, and for output to a terminal, printer, or screen?



Remarks: ____________________________________________________




================= * If there is insufficient space on the questionnaire, continue answers on back of page.

** Fill out separate questionnaire for each HOST to be directly interfaced to an IMP.

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Network HOST Questionnaire (Continued)

3.) Describe the effect in your system of use of the following keying conventions. Indicate how implemented, i.e. is there a hardware interrupt? Does the terminal respond? How? What is sent into system as data, what is echoed, etc. If the key(s) are not available, so indicate (as may be the case for Newline for some systems, line feed for 2741’s, etc.). If available but has no meaning, so indicate.

Key Strokes Implementation System Action

CR __________________________ __________________

LF __________________________ __________________

NL __________________________ __________________

CR,LF __________________________ __________...