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HEMS monitoring and control language (RFC1076) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001885D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12
Document File: 36 page(s) / 90K

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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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G. Trewitt: AUTHOR [+1]


This RFC specifies the design of a general-purpose, yet efficient, monitoring and control language for managing network entities. The data in the entity is modeled as a hierarchy and specific items are named by giving the path from the root of the tree. Most items are read-only, but some can be "set" in order to perform control operations. Both requests and responses are represented using the ISO ASN.1 data encoding rules.

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Network Working Group G. Trewitt

Request for Comments: 1076 Stanford University

Obsoletes: RFC 1023 C. Partridge


November 1988

HEMS Monitoring and Control Language


1. Status of This Memo 1

Introduction 2

2. Overview and Scope 2

3. Overview of Query Processor Operation 4

4. Encoding of Queries and Responses 5

4.1 Notation Used in This Proposal 5

5. Data Organization 6

5.1 Example Data Tree 7

5.2 Arrays 8

6. Components of a Query 9

7. Reply to a Query 10

8. Query Language 12

8.1 Moving Around in the Data Tree 14

8.2 Retrieving Data 15

8.3 Data Attributes 16

8.4 Examining Memory 18

8.5 Control Operations: Modifying the Data Tree 19

8.6 Associative Data Access: Filters 21

8.7 Terminating a Query 26

9. Extending the Set of Values 27

10. Authorization 27

11. Errors 28

I. ASN.1 Descriptions of Query Language Components 29

I.1 Operation Codes 30

I.2 Error Returns 31

I.3 Filters 33

I.4 Attributes 34

I.5 VendorSpecific 36

II. Implementation Hints 36

III. Obtaining a Copy of the ASN.1 Specification 42


This RFC specifies a query language for monitoring ...