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Act one - the poems (RFC1121) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001931D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Sep-01
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This RFC presents a collection of poems that were presented at "Act One", a symposium held partially in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ARPANET.

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Network Working Group J. Postel (ISI) Request for Comments: 1121 L. Kleinrock (UCLA) V. Cerf (NRI) B. Boehm (UCLA) September 1989

Act One - The Poems

Status of this Memo

This RFC presents a collection of poems that were presented at "Act One", a symposium held partially in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ARPANET. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


The Computer Science Department of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) organized a Symposium on Very High Speed Information Networks as the first in a projected series of meetings on Advanced Computer Technologies, thus ACT ONE. The time was chosen to also commemorate the 20th anniversary of the installation of the first Interface Message Processor (IMP) on the ARPANET which took place at UCLA.

The Symposium took on a theatrical theme and a few of the speakers could not resist the temptation to commit poetry. This memo is an attempt to capture the result.

The Poems

WELCOME by Leonard Kleinrock

We’ve gathered here for two days to examine and debate And reflect on data networks and as well to celebrate. To recognize the leaders and recount the path we took. We’ll begin with how it happened; for it’s time to take a look.

Yes, the history is legend and the pioneers are here. Listen to the story - it’s our job to make it clear. We’ll tell you where we are now and where we’ll likely go. So welcome to ACT ONE, folks. Sit back - enjoy the show!!

Postel & Kleinrock & Cerf & Boehm [Page 1]

RFC 1121 Act One - The Poems September 1989

ODE TO A QUEUE by Leonard Kleinrock

In the 20 years of funding Many fields has DARPA led. But the finest thing that they did bring Was the analytic thread.

By that I mean they nurtured Quantitative research tools. And they always felt for all their gelt They got principles and rules.

Indeed a wealth of knowledge Was uncovered and was new. And the common thread with which we led Was the analytic queue!

Now a queue may have one server. If there’s more, they form a team. Its dearest wish is just to fish In a quiet Poisson stream.

If you want to model networks Or a complex data flow A queue’s the key to help you see All the things you need to know.

So the next time you feel lonely And wonder what to do, You’ll soon feel fine if you join the line Of an analytic queue!

THE PAST IS PROLOGUE by Leonard Kleinrock

The past is prologue so they say. So Scene 1 was played today. It set the stage to point the way To high speed nets on Friday.

And old slow IMP, a costly link, Codes to fix the lines that stink, Ideas born in tanks that think, Tomorrow’s distance sure to shrink.

Postel & Kleinrock & Cerf & Boehm [Page 2]

RFC 1121 Act One - The Poems September 1989

But first tonight we’ll drink and eat. We’ll take some time good friends to greet. Hear Bible class from Danny’s seat. Those good old days were bittersweet!

THE BIG BANG! (or the birth of the ARPANET) by Leonard Kleinrock

It was back in ’67 that the clan agreed to meet. The gangsters and the plan...