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Management Information Base for network management of TCP/IP-based internets: MIB-II (RFC1158) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001969D
Original Publication Date: 1990-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12

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As reported in RFC 1052, IAB Recommendations for the Development of Internet Network Management Standards [1], a two-prong strategy for network management of TCP/IP-based internets was undertaken. In the short-term, the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was to be used to manage nodes in the Internet community. In the long-term, the use of the OSI network management framework was to be examined. Two documents were produced to define the management information: RFC 1065, which defined the Structure of Management Information (SMI) [2], and RFC 1066, which defined the Management Information Base (MIB) [3]. Both of these documents were designed so as to be compatible with both the SNMP and the OSI network management framework.

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Network Working Group M. Rose, Editor

Request for Comments: 1158 Performance Systems International

May 1990

Management Information Base for Network Management

of TCP/IP-based internets:


1. Status of this Memo

This memo defines the second version of the Management Information

Base (MIB-II) for use with network management protocols in TCP/IP-

based internets. In particular, together with its companion memos

which describe the structure of management information (RFC 1155)

along with the network management protocol (RFC 1157) for TCP/IP-

based internets, these documents provide a simple, workable

architecture and system for managing TCP/IP-based internets and in

particular the Internet community.

This document on MIB-II incorporates all of the technical content of

RFC 1156 on MIB-I and extends it, without loss of compatibilty.

However, MIB-I as described in RFC 1156 is full Standard Protocol of

the Internet, while the MIB-II described here is Proposed Standard

Protocol of the Internet.

This memo defines a mandatory extension to the base MIB (RFC 1156)

and is a Proposed Standard for the Internet community. The

extensions described here are currently Elective, but when they

become a standard, they will have the same status as RFC 1156, that

is, Recommended. The Internet Activities Board recommends that all

IP and TCP implementations be network manageable. This implies

implementation of the Internet MIB (RFC 1156 and the extensions in

RFC 1158) and at least one of the two recommended management

protocols SNMP (RFC 1157) or CMOT (RFC 1095).

This version of the MIB specification, MIB-II, is an incremental

refinement of MIB-I. As such, it has been designed according to two

criteria: first, changes have been made in response to new

operational requirements in the Internet; and, second, the changes

are entirely upwards compatible in order to minimize impact on the

network as the managed nodes in the Internet transition from MIB-I to


It is expected that additional MIB groups and variables will be

defined over time to accommodate the monitoring and control needs of

new or changing components of the Internet.

Please refer to the latest edition of the "IAB Official Protocol

Standards" RFC for current information on the state and status of

standard Internet protocols.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

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