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Structure of the May NWG Meeting (RFC0116) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000001971D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Apr-01
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Network Working Group S. Crocker Request for Comments #116 12 April 71 NIC #5825 UCLA Categories: A.2 Obsoletes: None Updates: 99


In order to use our time in Atlantic City more effectively, I would like to organize the meetings around discussions of advertised topics, with published status reports and position papers. I envision our time being divided into three phases.

Phase one is for status reports from each of the sites and for the introductions of new sites or agencies. Each existing site should plan to report on its state of software and hardware development, and on its use of the network. New sites will introduce themselves and present their plans for attachment to and use of the network. In addition, work on the ILLIAC IV, the List machine, and the terminal IMP will be reviewed. I will assume that each site needs 5-10 minutes unless I am notified otherwise. A short written status report is also explected.

Phase two is for discussion of current network-wide topics such as the NIC, the Form Machine Telnet, and Logger Protocol. Suggestions for these topics should be made to me. Committees should plan to prepare these reports and discuss their work. Points of view not represented by existing committees should be explicated in position papers.

Phase three is consideration of new topcs. Som eof the topics I have in mind are what the long range goals of the NWG should be, what operational goals the NWG should set for the next six months, and ne...