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Graphics Facilities at Ames Research Center (RFC0126)

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Original Publication Date: 1971-Apr-01
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Network Working Group John McConnell Request for Comments: 126 Ames Research Center Category: D.6 April 1971

Ames Graphics Facilities at Ames Research Center

This note is intended as a response to an RFC which suggested that nodes describe their graphics environment. The following graphics facilites are now at Ames for the IBM 360/67 TSS:

a. An SC 4020 off line microfilm system. b. Calcomp plotters. c. ARDS storage tube CRTs. d. IMLAC PDS-1 refresh CRTs. e. One IBM 2250 CRT.

Devices which will be in use in the near future are:

a. An Evans and Sutherland LDS-2 system. b. Hazeltine alphanumeric CRTs.

Because of the diverse nature of the devices and the varying software support provided by the manafacturers, work has been undertaken to provide a device independent package. This package is currently being implemented. The basic entity is a device independent intermediate language which describes the picture to be displayed. When a device is selected, the intermediate language is converted to specific device orders.

Other features include the definition and storage of subpictures for later construction of more complex pictures. An interface has been specified so that graphic data sets can be transmitted to other installations on the TSS network.

A note to those who plan to use the ILLIAC IV when it becomes a functioning node at Ames. I would like information concerning the graphics environment at your sites and any thoughts you have on how you will be using graphics with the ILLI...