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Response to RFC 116: May NWG meeting (RFC0131) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002130D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Apr-01
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Network Working Group E. Harslem - Rand Request For Comments: 131 J. Heafner - Rand April 1971

Response to RFC #116 (May NWG Meeting)

Phase One

Software Status of 360/65

1) Our software is currently being changed to reflect the new NCP protocol delineated in RFC #107. These changes will be completed before the end of May.

2) We are implementing a logger that, after an automatic ICP dialog, can be driven from a local console. Any desirable messages can be sent or received in EBCDIC, ASCII (8), or as binary streams. The purpose of the logger is to allow sites to checkout remote log in procedures. Since no production-oriented services will be offered on the 360/65, the logger is for experimental purposes only. It will be completed before the end of May.

3) We have not planned a TELNET. We will, however, implement both server and user TELNETs once a specification is generally accepted. Implementation time will be on the order of two weeks.

Transition from 360/65 to PDP-10

1) We plan to move from our 360/65 to a PDP-10. Rand will offer Network services on the PDP-10. The hardware and software status of the PDP-10 will be reported later.

2) The 360/65 Network connection will remain for some time due to its production use by another ARPA-sponsored project at Rand. Maintenance of the 360/65 Network software will be provided for the lifetime of the connection but no new programs will be developed on the 360/65 after September.

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Network Related Activities

1) The UCSB/Rand Network activities were recently reported in RFC #113 and earlier in RFC #78. The Climate Dynamics Project (CDP) at Rand will continue to use this facility (more heavily) in the future.

2) In conjunction with the above facility, the Rand Network team has planned and implemented a front-end graphics program to allow the reduced data from UCSB to be displayed and interacted with locally as graphs, contours, plots, and lists. This will be used in about three months after an intermediate program, being written by the CDP personnel, is completed.

Phase Two

Experimental Data Reconfiguration Service (Form Machine)

1) A working session was held recently at Rand on the Data reconfiguration Service (DRS), the results of which have been drafted and are being edited by the participants. These data will be published soon as an RFC. Eric Harslem will be prepared to make an oral report at the NWG meeting on the DRS.

Protocol Manager

1) We plan to submit a positional paper on a proposed Protocol Manager, which will allow flexibility in both experimental and production use of connection protocols. This will be presented as a Request for Comments on a software package that Rand intends to implement for its use on the PDP-10. For...