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Today's Programming for KRFC AM 1313 Internet Talk Radio (RFC1313) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002134D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12
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Network Working Group C. Partridge

Request for Comments: 1313 BBN

1 April 1992

Today's Programming for KRFC AM 1313

Internet Talk Radio

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This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does

not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is



Hi and welcome to KRFC Internet Talk Radio, your place on the AM dial

for lively talk and just-breaking news on internetworking. Sponsored

by the Internet Society, KRFC serves the San Francisco Bay Area. For

those of you outside the Bay Area, copies of program transcripts can

be anonymously FTPed from the day after the

program, or you can listen in via vat.

Here's today's programming for today, Wednesday, 1 April 1992.

Hacker's Hour with Phil Karn (Midnight)

Phil's special guest today is Dr. David Mills, who will explain the

special problems of correcting for the Doppler effect when trying to

properly synchronize the new WWV receiver chip in your PC while

flying on the Concorde.

Nighttime News (1AM)

Award winning Nighttime News gives you a full hour on those key facts

you need to know before going to bed. Be sure to catch our network

outage report with Elise Gerich. (Elise's report is sponsored by


Late At Night With Ole (2 AM)

Call in your favorite Internetwork questions to Ole Jacobsen and his

guests. Tonite's featured guests are John Moy, prime author of OSPF,

and Milo Medin who will talk about how OSPF is great, but you really

need to test it on 1822 networks to understand why.

Marty in the Morning (6 AM)

Join the irrepressable Marty for five hours of eye-opening talk and

commentary. Hear the latest on the commercial state of data

networking in the US and who is at fault for limiting its growth.

Special guest Kent England plans to drop by the studio today --

listen in for the flames!

Education Report (11 AM)

Gordon Cook solicits advice from Prof. David Farber on good ways to

develop a research career. (In the likely event that Prof. Farber is

unavailable at the last minute, Prof. Farber has arranged for Prof.

David Sincoskie to take his place).

Lunch with Lynch (11:30 AM)

Dan Lynch is on vacation this week and Vint Cerf is taking his place.

Today Vint has lunch with Mitch Kapor of the EFF, MacArthur genius

Richard Stallman, and Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf. Don't miss Vint's

suggestions for wines to go with today'...