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Typographical Error in RFC 107 (RFC0132) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002141D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-10
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NETWORK WORKING GROUP Jim White Request for Comments #132 UCSB NIC #6708 April 28, 1971

TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR IN RFC 107 ______________________________

On page 5 of RFC 107, at the end of the section titled ’V. Flow Control’, the partial sentence:

Each of these numbers is interpreted as "the number of 128ths of the current allocation" to be returned if it is in the range zero to 128...

should read:

...if it is the range of zero to 127,... ---

That is, return al the appropriate allocation if and only if the high-order of the left-most bit of the corresponding fraction is 1.

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