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Transition and Modernization of the Internet Registration Service (RFC1400) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002225D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-12
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Network Working Group S. Williamson

Request for Comments: 1400 Network Solutions, Inc.

March 1993

Transition and Modernization

of the Internet Registration Service

Status of this Memo

This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does

not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is



As a result of the NREN NIS award by National Science Foundation,

non-DDN registration services will soon be transferred from the DDN

NIC to the new Internet Registration Service, which is a part of an

entity referred to as the InterNIC. References in this document to

the InterNIC apply to the Registration Services portion only.

Internet registration services are gradually transitioning to the

InterNIC. We expect that the full transition will be accomplished by

April 1, 1993. During this transitional period, EMail, Fax, and U.S.

mail received at either site will be processed. DDN users will

continue to receive full registration support from the DDN NIC, and

the transition should be transparent to them. DDN users should

continue to send registration requests to (IP,

.mil domain, inaddr for 26.x.x.x) or (user

registrations or TAC card requests) using the DISA approved

registration forms.

From now through March 31, 1993, non-DDN Internet registration

requests will be handled as follows:

The current DDN NIC registration templates may be filled out and

submitted to either or through March 31. The new InterNIC

templates will be accepted effective April 1, 1993, but not until

that time.

Telephone support: 1-800-365-DNIC or

1-703-802-4535 (Washington DC metro area)

Mail questions and registration templates to:

Government Systems Inc.

Attn: Network Information Center

14200 Park Meadow Dr.

Suite 200

Chantilly, VA 2200

Effective April 1, 1993, non-DDN Internet requests will be handled as

described below.

New registration requests should be sent to

using the new template. Old templates sent to will be returned with the parsing error

messages and the new form attached. Old templates mailed to will be accepted through June 30, 1993.

After that date, templates in ...