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Recent Internet Books (RFC1432) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002260D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
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Here is a list of books related to using the Internet. This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard.

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Network Working Group J. Quarterman Request for Comments: 1432 MIDS March 1993

Recent Internet Books

Status of this Memo

This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


This article originally appeared in Volume 2 Number 12, (December 1992) of Matrix News, the monthly newsletter of Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS).

1. Which Books

Here is a list of books related to using the Internet, which is the global and exponentially growing network of more than a million computers that communicate by interactive use of the TCP/IP protocols, for the use of millions of users. This article was prompted by the recent publication of nine or ten books on the Internet in the space of a year (some are so new they aren’t even published yet). I have also included some books that have been around for quite a long time (as long ago as the dim past of 1984). I think all of them contain useful information for people new to the Internet.

Some of the books included here are about more than the Internet. Some of them are about the Matrix, which is the set of all computer networks worldwide that exchange electronic mail. The Matrix includes FidoNet, UUCP, BITNET, USENET, the Internet, and many others, but is not limited to any one of those networks. This particular bibliographic collection is oriented around the largest computer network in the world, the Internet, because of all the recent books about that network. Matrix News continues to publish information about the Matrix, including but not limited to the Internet.

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RFC 1432 Recent Internet Books March 1993

Author Pp. Price Audience Type Other Networks

LaQuey & Ryer 208 $10.95 public user guide some Kehoe 112 $22 technical user guide minimal Krol 376 $24.95 researchers guide, catalog minimal Kochmer 450 $39.95 researchers guide, catalog some Marine, et al. 380 $39 administrative contacts, some context Dern ? ? new users user guide chapters Lane & 200 $37.50 information primer ? Summerhill professionals

Malamud 376 $26.95 varied travelog some

Quarterman & 448 $42.50 varied standards minimal Wilhelm Lynch, Rose 822 $40 technical standards minimal

Tennant, et al. 142 $45 professionals textbook ? Benedikt 444 $15.95 varied anthology some Kahin 446 $34.95 faculty scholarly variable Parkhurst 86 $10.50 librarians scholarly some McClure, et al. 746 $45 varied scholarly some

Levy 473 $4.95 public history some Raymond 453 $10.95 varied dictionary some Stoll 332 $19.95 public spy story some Hafner & 368 $22.95 public journalism some Markoff Denning 574 $23.95 public scholarly some Sterling 352 $23 public documentary some

IRG 240 $15 technical catalog minimal NorthWestNet 297 $20 technical catalog minimal

Frey & Adams 436 $26.95 varied desk ref. many LaQuey (UDCN) 645 $34.95 varied directory several Quarterman 746 $50 varied context all

Table 1. Network Books Summarized

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