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OS/2 User Group (RFC1501) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002330D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-13
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Memo soliciting reactions to the proposal of a OS/2 User Group. This memo provides information for the Internet community. This memo does not specify an IAB standard of any kind.

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Network Working Group E. Brunsen Request for Comments: 1501 Eastern New Mexico University August 1993

OS/2 User Group

Status of this Memo

This memo provides information for the Internet community. This memo does not specify an IAB standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


This RFC is being distributed to members of the Internet community in order to solicit their reactions to the proposals contained in it. While the issues discussed may not be directly relevant to the research problems of the Internet, they may be interesting to a number of researchers and implementers.

There is a group called The Phoenix Group which is in the process of determining the need for a national OS/2 users’ group. This group is targeted for the *individual* user of OS/2, and is designed to provide an effective vehicle through which users can communicate their desires for OS/2 to IBM. If you work in the corporate Information Technology world, you are no doubt familiar with organizations such as SHARE, GUIDE, COMMON and DECIUS, among many. These organizations serve as a focal point for users, and represent a combined voice to IBM (SHARE, GUIDE and COMMON) and Digital Equipment Company (DECIUS). The intent of these organizations is to work closely with their respective hardware/software providers to influence their direction of their products, be they operating systems or CPU’s.

To this end, many of us in other electronic fora believe that there is no representative voice for the end-user of OS/2 with IBM. Thus, The Phoenix Group, is taking a straw poll of OS/2 users in many different electronic fora to determine the need for, and membership potential for such an organization. The founding council of The Phoenix Group consists of the following individuals:

Mike Andrews, Eric Brunsen, Max Eidswick, Robin Frank, Stan...