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Sockets in use (RFC0204) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002594D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Aug-01
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Network Working Group Jon Postel Request for Comments: 204 ULA-NMC NIC 7196 Comp. Sci. Categories A.5, C.3, D 5 August 71 Obsoletes: none Related 196

Sockets in use

I would like to collect information on the use of socket numbers for "standard" service programs. For example Loggers (telnet servers) Listen on socket 1. What sockets at your host are Listened to by what programs?

Recently Dick Watson suggested assigning socket 5 for use by a mail-box protocol (RFC196). Does any one object ? Are there any suggestions for a method of assigning sockets to standard programs? Should a subset of the socket numbers be reserved for use by future standard protocols?

Please phone or mail your answers and commtents to:

Jon Postel The SPADE Group 3732 Boelter Hall Computer Science Dept. ULA, LA. CA 90024

(213) 825 2368

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