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Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2000-2099 (RFC2099) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002651D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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J. Elliott: AUTHOR


RFC Numbers 2000-2099

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Network Working Group J. Elliott

Request for Comments: 2099 ISI

Category: Informational March 1997

Request for Comments Summary

RFC Numbers 2000-2099

Status of This Memo

This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 2000

through RFCs 2099. This is a status report on these RFCs. This memo

provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify

an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is



Many RFCs, but not all, are Proposed Standards, Draft Standards, or

Standards. Since the status of these RFCs may change during the

standards processing, we note here only that they are on the

standards track. Please see the latest edition of "Internet Official

Protocol Standards" for the current state and status of these RFCs.

In the following, RFCs on the standards track are marked [STANDARDS-


RFC Author Date Title

--- ------ ---- -----

2099 Elliott Mar 97 Request for Comments Summary

This memo.

2098 Katsube Feb 97 Toshiba's Router Architecture Extensions

for ATM : Overview

This memo describes a new internetworking architecture which makes

better use of the property of ATM. This memo provides information for

the Internet community. This memo does not specify an Internet standard

of any kind.

2097 Pall Jan 97 The PPP NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol


This document defines the Network Control Protocol for establishing and

configuring the NBF protocol over PPP. The NBFCP protocol is only

applicable for an end system to connect to a peer system or the LAN that

peer system is connected to. [STANDARDS-TRACK]

2096 Baker Jan 97 IP Forwarding Table MIB

This memo defines an update to RFC 1354. The significant difference

between this MIB and RFC 1354 is the recognition (explicitly discussed

but by consensus left to future work) that CIDR routes may have the same

network number but different network masks. [STANDARDS-TRACK]

2095 Klensin Jan 97 IMAP/POP AUTHorize Extension for Simple


This specification provides a simple challenge-response authentication

protocol that is suitable for use with IMAP4. [STANDARDS-TRACK]

2094 Harney Mar 97 Group Key Management Protocol (GKMP)


This specification proposes a protocol to create grouped symmet...