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IMP System change notification (RFC0213) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002684D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Aug-01
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Network Working Group B. Cosell Request for Comments: #213 BBN NIC #7194 20 August 1971 Categories: B.1 Updates: None Obsoletes: None

IMP System Change Notification ------------------------------

During the week of 16 August, we installed a new version of the IMP system, version 2505. The new version incorporated three principal changes:

1) The number of hosts the system can handle was increased from three to four. Although this caused a rather large internal change to the IMP, the only external effects of the change are the presence of a new status light [light 8 monitors Host 4], and the lengthening of the 10-second and snapshot statistics.

2) The host handling routines were modified to gather more accurate and voluminous statistics on host usage of the network, and report them to NCC.

3) The 10-sec. statistics were changed to measure time for the host "round trip" statistic in units of 800 rather than 100 microseconds.

It is not anticipated that the new system should have any direct effect on the hosts.

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