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Network Information Center schedule for network users (RFC0223)

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Original Publication Date: 1971-Sep-01
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Network Working Group John Melvin Request for Comments #223 Dick Watson SRI-ARC NIC 7622 14 September 1971

Category: G.2 Uptades: none


The Network Information Center has planned to provide service for network users on a regular basis Monday through Friday.

This service will begin on Monday, October 4, 1971.

The daily schedule for network users will be:

(times are Pacific Daylight / Pacific Standard Time)

0500 to 1200 system available except Tuesday, when hours are 0800 to 1200

1200 to 1300 system not available

1300 to 1800 system available

1800 to 2200 system available on an irregular basis

2200 to 0500 system not available

This schedule is temporary and subject to change.

The system is available on an irregular basis on weekends.

Those periods marked as available on an irregular basis are generally devoted to system development. Any user may be asked to log off on short notice.


As soon as the user’s Telnet connection is established to the NIC, the system herald will be printed, followed immediately by a brief (possibly null) message to network users. This message will contain any items that are of particular interest to network users.

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In order to log in:

use your site ident as the user name

the password is ARPA

use an account number consisting of site ident-your last name

for example, if we receive the string log ucla-nmc arpa ucla-postel the user will be logged in as John Postel from UCLA

After logging in, the (possibly null) system message common to all logins will be printed.

If you experience any trouble getting into the NIC, call us via the telephone numbers listed below. If the number is not listed as a direct dial, you must contact your operator and ask for the appro- priate Zenith or Enterprise number. If the operator is unfamiliar with the use of Enterprise or Zenith numbers, ask to speak to the supervisor.

Dick Watson for administrative problems.

John Melvin vor NCP or Telnet problems.

Marily Auerbach or Dirk van Nouhuys for TNLS problems.

If NIC personnel do not answer, a local answering service will take the call. Give the name of the person to whom your question is directed and your question or comment. We will contact the answering service every morning and reply as soon as possible.

Ident Site Phone

AMES-CD NASA Ames dial direct, 329-0740 CD Group

AMES-ILLIAC NASA Ames dial direct, 329-0740 ILLIAC Group

ARPA Advanced Research Enterprise 1-0740 Projects Agency

BBN-NET BBN Enterprise 0740 Network Group

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BBN-TENEX BBN Enterprise 0740 TENEX Group

CASE Case Western Reserve Enterprise 0740 University

CMU Carnegie-Mellon Enterprise 9074 University

HARV Harvard University Enterprise 0740

ILL University of Illinois Enterprise 1074

LINC-67 M.I.T. Linc...