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Standardization of host call letters (RFC0233) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000002897D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Sep-01
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Network Working Group 28 Sept 71 Abhay Bhushan RFC #233, NIC #7650 Bob Metcalfe

Standardization of Host Call Letters ------------------------------------

We agree with Peggy Karp (See RFC #226) that there would be some benefit in standardizing the symbolic host names used in TELNET programs. It should be recognized that there is a trade-off between brevity and mnemonicism. It is our feeling that a good set of host call letters can be developed using only four characters (see Jim White’s in RFC #206.) Each host should suggest its own call letters. Upper and lower case letters should be used interchangeably. The following is our currently recommended list:

Host Number Name-4 Name-8 ----------- ------ ------ 1 sex sex-ucla 65 ccn ccn-ucla 2 nic nic-sri 66 srai sri-ai 3 ucsb ucsb 4 utah utah 5 bbn5 bbn-516 69 bbna bbn-10x 133 bbnb bbn-x10x 6 mult multics 70 dmcg mit-dmcg 134 its mit-ai 7 ra65 rand-65 71 ra10 rand-10 8 sdc sdc 9 harv harvard 73 har1 harvpdp1 137 ha11 harpdp11 10 ll67 linc-67 74 tx2 linc-tx2 11 stan stanford 12 ill illinois 13 case case 14 cmu cmu 15 paol paoli 16 ames ames-67 144 amtp ames-tip 145 mttp mitretip 18 radc radc 146 rdtp radc-tip

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19 nbs nbspdp11 147 nbtp nbs-tip 148 etac etac 21 tink tink-418 22 mccl mccl-418 23 usc usc-44 151 ustp usc-tip 152 gwc gwc-tip 25 ncar ncar7600 153 nctp ncar-tip 158 bbtp bbn-tip

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