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Network host status (RFC0252) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003104D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Oct-01
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Network Working Group E. Wentheimer Request for Comments: 252 Bolt, Beranek and Newman Category: F, G.3 8 October 1971 NIC: 7696

The purpose of this RFC is to report on the recent status of most Network Hosts. During September 27 through September 29 the BBN prototype Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) was inaccessible due to hardware debugging. The Network was, therefore, not examined on these days.

Three Hosts which were not officially able to act as Server’s at the time of RFC #240 are now able to do so. These Hosts are:


The Harvard PDP-10, however, has limited core space. They will, therefore, run the Telnet program only occasionally.

The following two tables summarize the information on the Host status for September 30 - October 8.

NETWORK SITE COMPUTER DAY, DATE AND TIME (Eastern) ADDRESS TH F M Tu W Th F 9/30 10/1 10/4 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/8 1100 1753 1200 1600 1100 1300 1530

1 UCLA SIGMA-7 O T D O #D O O *65 UCLA IBM-360/91 O O D O D O O 2 SRI(NIC) PDP-10 O #D T #T O T #D 66 SRI(AI) PDP-10 D D D D D D D 3 UCSB IBM-360/75 D O O O O O O 4 UTAH PDP-10 D D D D D D D 69 BBN(TENEX) PDP-10 T T O O O D D 6 MIT(Multics)H-645 O O D T D T T 70 MIT(DM) PDP-10 D H D T D T T 8 SDC IBM-360 D D D D D D D 9 HARVARD PDP-10 T D T D D T T 10 LINCOLN IBM-360 H H H H D T D

Wnetheimer [Page 1]

RFC 252 October 1971


D = Dead (Destination Host either dead or inaccessible [due to network partitioning or local IMP failure] from the BBN Terminal IMP.)

R = Refused (Destination Host returned a CLS to the initial RFC.)

T = Timed out (Destination Host did not respond in any way to the initial RFC, although not dead.)

H = 1/2 Open (Destination Host opened a connection but then either immediately closed it, or did not respond any further.)

0 = Opened (Destination Host opened a connection and was accessible to user.)

* The UCLA IMB-360/91 currently has Remote Job Service (NETRJS), but has not implemented a full server Telnet System. The BBN Terminal IMP is not equipped to test NETRJS however, we are assuming that receipt of the UCLA explanatory message indicates that NETRJS is also functioning.

# These sites advertise that they may not have their system available # at these times.

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RFC 252 October 1971


1 UCLA SIGMA-7 Server Jon Postel 65 UCLA IBM-360/91 Remote Job Service now, Telnet in April Bob Braden 2 SRI(NIC) PDP-10 Server John Melvin 66 SRI(AI) PDP-10 November Len Chaiten 3 UCSB IBM-360/75 Server Jim White 4 UTAH PDP-10 "Soon" Barry Wessler 5 BBN(NCC) DDP-516 Never Alex McKenzie 69 BBN(TENEX) PDP-10 Server Dan Murphy 6 MIT(Multics)H-645 Server Mike Padliosky 70 MIT(DM) PDP-10...