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Second Network Graphics meeting details (RFC0253) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003115D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Oct-19
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Network Graphics Group James A. Moorer

Request for Comments: #253 Stanford Al Laboratory

NIC #7694 19 October 1971

Related: RFC #246

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Second Network Graphics Meeting Details

Stanford will be the site of the second network graphics

meeting. Attendees will be stored in the Flamingo Motel in Palo Alto

at $8.25 a night. The conference itself will be in the Stanford

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory conference room. The motel is

roughly 2 miles from the laboratory. Monday night, November 22, a

chinese banquet will be offered at the Golden Pavillion restaurent in

Los Altos at $7.20 a plate. Any attendees are welcome to invite

non-network guests if desired. Attendees will please notify Stanford

as soon as possible and indicate the following:

1) Your name.

2) Your affiliation (site).

3) Whether you will need a room.

4) Whether you will attend the banquet.

5) Whether you will be renting a car. This is for setting up

transportation pools.

6) Whether you will give a talk and if so, how long it will be and

what audio-visual devices will be needed.

This information may be transmitted to me or to the

secretaries who are supposed to know about the conference and will

take the data. The phone number here is (405) 321-2300, extension

4971. I will try to get maps out to all the non-resident attendees as

they register. Latest withdrawal date for the banquet and room

reservations will be November 18 and will be considered bound after

that date.

The conference will convene at 6:00 PM Pacific time on

Sunday, November 21, and end at noon on Tuesday, November 23.

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