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Network Host Status (RFC0267) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003260D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-13
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Network Working Group Ellen Westheimer RFC #267 BBN NIC #7815 22 November 1971 Categories: F, G.3 Updates: RFC #266 Obsoletes None

This RFC reports on the status of most Network Hosts from November 8 to November 19. On November 18, however, the BBN prototype Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) was inaccessible due to hardware debugging.

Several Hosts are currently excluded fron the daily testing. These Hosts fall into two categories:

1) Hosts which are not expected to be functioning on the Network as servers (available for use from other sites) for at least two weeks. Included here are:

Network Address Site Computer

71 Rand PDP-10 74 Lincoln TX2 13 Case PDP-10 14 Carnegie PDP-10 15 Ames B6500 16 Ames IBM-360/67

2) Hosts which are curently intended to be users only. Included here are the Terminal IMPs, which are presently in the Network (AMES, MITRE, and BBN*). This category also includes the Network Control Center Computer (Network Address 5) which is used solely for gathering statistics from the Network. Finally, included among these Hosts are the following:

Network Address Site Computer

7 Rand IBM-360/65 73 Harvard PDP-1 12 Illinois PDP-11

During these two weeks the Lincoln Labs TX2 Hosts became a Network User. The SDC IBM 360/67 is now a server.

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The tables on the next two pages summarize the information on Host status for this period.

* The BBN Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) is a prototype and as such is frequently not connected to the Network, but being used to refine and debug the Terminal IMP programs.


1 UCLA SIGMA-7 Server Jon Postel 5 UCLA IBM-360/91 Remote Job Service now, Telnet in April Bob Braden 2 SRI (NIC) PDP-10 Server John Melvin 66 SRI (AI) PDP-10 "Soon" Len Chaiten 3 UCSB IBM-360/75 Server Jim White 4 UTAH PDP-10 "Soon" Barry Wessler *5 BBN (NCC) DDP-516 Never Alex McKenzie 69 BBN (TENEX) PDP-10 Server Dan Murphy 6 MIT (Multics) H-645 Server Mike Padlipsky 70 MIT (DM) PDP-10 Server Bob Bressler *7 RAND IBM-360/65 User only Eric Harslem *71 RAND PDP-10 January ’72 Eric Harslem 8 SDC IBM-360/67 Server Bob Long 9 HARVARD PDP-10 Server Bob Sundberg *73 HARVARD PDP-1 User only Bob Sundberg 20 LINCOLN IBM-360/67 "Soon" Joel Winnet *74 LINCOLN TX2 December Tom Barkalow 11 STANFORD PDP-10 "Soon" Andy Moorer *12 ILLINOIS PDP-11 User only John Cravits *13 CASE PDP-10 March ’72 Charles Rose *14 CARNEGIE PDP-10 January ’72 Hal vanZoeren *15 AMES B6500 September ’72 John McConnel *16 AMES IBM-360/67 January ’72 Wayne Hathaway *144 AMES TIP User only *145 MITRE TIP User only *158 BBN TIP User only (Proto-type)

* host not included in daily testing.

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M Tu W Th F 11/8 11/9 11/10 11/11 11/12

1 UCLA SIGMA-7 O D O O O *65 UCLA IBM-360/91 O D O D O 2 SRI (NIC) PDP-10 O O O O T 66 SRI (AI) PDP-10 D D D D D 3 UCSB IBM-360/75 O T O O D 4 UTAH PDP-10 D D H D D 69 BBN (TENEX) PDP-10 H O O...