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BBN IMP (#5) and NCC Schedule March 4, 1971 (RFC0301) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003497D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Feb-01
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Network Working Group R. Alter Request for Comments #301 BBN NIC #9073 11 February 1972 References: None Updates: None Obsoletes: None


On Saturday morning, March 4, 1972, at 0800 EST the BBN IMP (#5) will go off the air to allow for a move of the equipment to a new location in BBN’s facilities. The NCC telephone and operators will be available as usual during this period. We hope to have the IMP back on the Network by early Saturday afternoon; the choice of Saturday morning was made intentionally so that if by some stroke of fate all our wideband lines stay down longer than anticipated, the impact on others in the network will be minimized. We anticipate that all other sites will operate normally through this period.

Shortly subsequent to this move, a new Host will be connected to the net. This is a PDP-1D at BBN which will be used for certain additional NCC functions. It will not be a Server site. We prefer the Host name "BBN-1D"; its network address will be 197.


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