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ARPA Network mailing lists (RFC0303) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003499D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Mar-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-22
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(202) 694-5037 or 694-5922 (303) 499-1000 x3863

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Request for Comments: 303                                  March 3, 1972
Obsoletes: RFC 300
NIC: 8488

                       ARPA Network Mailing Lists

   The following are three lists to be used for distribution of Network
   documents.  List A should be used by sites when they distribute their
   own documents, to get RFC's to Liaisons as quickly as possible.  All
   but local mail should be sent Air Mail.  Lists B and C will be used
   by NIC in making distribution of copies to non-site Network
   Participants and to Station Agents.

   For phone numbers and lists of names by sites see the Current
   Directory of Network Participants.

                       A. INITIAL DISTRIBUTION LIST

   Note:  This list includes all Network Liaisons and others who should
   receive initial distribution of RFC's, whether sent from NIC or from
   sites.  They will also receive selected catalogs and other formal
   documents from NIC.

AMES-CD                                CCA

A. Wayne Hathaway                      Richard A. Winter
Mail Stop 233-9                        Computer Corporation of America
NASA Ames Research Center              565 Technology Square
Moffett Field, Calif.  94035           Cambridge, Mass.  02139

(415) 961-1111 x2493 or 2177           (617) 491-3670

AMES-ILLIAC                             CMU

John W. McConnell                      Harold R. Van Zoeren
NASA Ames Research Center              Carnegie-Mellon University
Mail Stop 202-10                       Computer Science Department
Moffett Field, Calif.  94035           Schenley Park
                                       Pittsburgh, Pa.  15213

(415) 961-1111 x2449                   (412) 621-2600 x160

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RFC 303                ARPA Network Mailing Lists             March 1972

ARPA                                   DOCB

Steve D. Crocker                       Schuyler Stevenson R-523
Advanced Research Projects Agency      Department of Commerce NOAA
1400 Wilson Boulevard                  325 South Broadway
Arlington, Virginia  22209             Boulder, Colorado 80302

(202) 694-5037 or 694-5922             (303) 499-1000 x3863

BBN-NET                                HARV

Alex McKenzie                          Robert L. Sundberg
Bolt Beraneck and Newman Inc.          Harvard University
50 Moulton Stre...