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CBI Networking Activity at MITRE (RFC0321) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003517D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Mar-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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This RFC is in response to Tom O'Sullivan's probe for comments

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Network Working Group Peggy M. Karp

Request for Comments: 321 MITRE

NIC #9608 24 March 1972

Related RFCs: 313

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CBI Networking Activity at MITRE

This RFC is in response to Tom O'Sullivan's probe for comments

on Computer Based Instruction. MITRE is currently doing some pre-

liminary work in the area,at the present time limited to use of CAI-

related network resources.

The most expedient way for me to respond is by attaching excerpts

taken from a recent status report prepared for internal MITRE use,

intended for staff not generally familiar with the ARPANET. Comments

directed at specific items in Tom's attachment will follow in a future


We welcome comments on our activities and would like to partici-

pate in any CBI dialogs that take place.




MITRE/Washington became a node in the ARPA computer network in

September 1971 when a Terminal Interface Message Processor (TIP) was

installed. Since that time MITRE's use of the network has largely

been supported by IR&D funds. The objectives of the IR&D Network

Studies are:

(a) to promote the use of the network resources in an

operational mode within MITRE to increase the computer

capabilities available for supporting sponsor's work;

(b) to use the ARPANET itself as a research tool for

conducting computer networking experiments; and

(c) to demonstrate the use of ARPANET resources to extend

the capabilities of existing systems.

Specifically, the proposed objectives are:

(1) to select ARPANET resources that can be used to support

identified MITRE projects and to demonstrate how these

resources can be used;

(2) to use the ARPANET as a research tool to conduct data

sharing experiments to study techniques for data handling

on a computer network; and

(3) to demonstrate the feasibility of using remote

resources on the ARPANET to augment the capabilities

of the TICCIT* system.

*The principle use of the TICCIT (Time-Shared Interactive Computer

Controlled Information Television) system has been for Computer

Assisted Instruction (CAI). A TICCIT/CAI system is currently being

developed by MITRE under a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.


The IR&D Network Studies and Experiments project requires soft-

ware development on selected ARPANET Host computers and ext...