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Network Host Status (RFC0342) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003533D
Original Publication Date: 1972-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-12
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Network Working Group Ellen Westheimer NIC #10421 BBN RFC #342 15 May 1972 Categories: F. G.3 Updates: RFC #332 Obsoletes: None


This RFC reports on the status of most Network Hosts from April 24 to May 5. During this interval the IBM 360/44 at the University of Southern California (Network Address 23) became a Network user.

Several Hosts are currently excluded from the daily testing. These Hosts fall into two categories:

1) Hosts which are not expected to be functioning on the Network as servers (available for use from other sites) on a regular basis for at least two weeks. Included here are:

Network Address Site Computer ------- ---- -------- 134 MIT-AI PDP-10 13 Case PDP-10

2) Hosts which are currently intended to be users only. Included here are the Terminal IMPs, which are presently in the Network (AMES, MITRE, NBS, ETAC, USC, GWC, and BBN*). This category also includes the Network Control Center computer (Network Address 5) which is used solely for gathering statistics from the Network. Finally, included among these Hosts are the following:

Network Address Site Computer ------- ---- -------- 7 Rand IBM-360/65 73 Harvard PDP-1 12 Illinois PDP-11 19 NBS PDP-11 23 USC IBM-360/44

The tables on the next two pages summarize the Host status for this period. _____________ *The BBN Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) is a prototype and as such is frequently not connected to the Network, but being used to refine and debug the Terminal IMP programs.

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SITE NO. SITE DATE AND TIME (EASTERN) ---- ---- ----------------------- 4/24 4/25 4/26 4/27 4/28 5/1 5/2 5/3 5/4 5/5 1700 1600 1300 1430 1700 1300 1300 1700 1430 1430 1 UCLA-NMC O O D O O O O O O O 65 UCLA-CCN* O O D O O D O O O O 2 SRI-ARC O O O O O O T D O O 66 SRI-AI D D D D D O D D D D 3 UCSB-MOD75 O H O O O O O O O O 4 UTAH -10 O D O D T T O T T O 69 BBN-TENEX O O T T O O O O O O 133 BBN-TENEXB #D #D #D #D #D #D #D #D #D T 6 MIT-MULTICS R D O O O O D O D O 70 MIT-DMCG O O F F O F O O O F 71 RAND-CSG O O O T O #O! D O O O 8 SDC-ADEPT D #D #D #D D #D D #D D #D 9 HARVARD-10 O O O O O O O O #D D 10 L.L.-360 D D D H H D D H D D 74 L.L-TX-2 O T #D O O O O #D O O 11 STANFORD-AI D D D D D D D T D D 14 CMU-10 O O D O D D D D O O 15 AMES-ILLIAC T D T T D T T T D T 16 AMES-67 D D D D D D D D D D

where D = Dead (Destination Host either dead or inaccessible [due to network partitioning or local IMP failure] from the BBN Terminal IMP.)

F = Full (Destination Host opened a connection, informed user that all Network ports were in use, and immediately closed the connection.

H = 1/2 Open (Destination Host opened a connection but then either immediately closed it, or did not respond any further.

O = Open (Destination Host opened a connection and was accessible to users.)

R = Refused (Destination Host returned a CLS to the initial RFC.)

T = Timed out (Destination Host did not complete the ICP and open a connection within 60 seconds.) ____________ *The only service currently offered by the UC...