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Network Host Status (RFC0366) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003551D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Jul-01
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Network Working Group Ellen Westheimer NIC # 11013 BBN RFC # 366 11 July 1972 Categories: F. G.3 Updates: RFC #362 Obsoletes: None


This RFC reports on the status of most Network Hosts from June 19 to June 30.

No testing was done on June 20 due to an attempt to install the new IMP system.

Several Hosts are currently excluded from the daily testing as they are presently intended to be users only. Included here are the Terminal IMPs, which are presently in the Network (AMES, MITRE, RADC, NBS, ETAC, USC, GWC, NOAA, SAAC, ARPA, and BBN*). This category also includes the Network Control Center computer (Network address 5) which is used solely for gathering statistics from the Network. Finally, included among these Hosts are the following: Network Address Site Computer ------- ---- --------

7 Rand IBM - 360/65 73 Harvard PDP-1 138 Lincoln TSP 12 Illinois PDP-11 19 NBS PDP-11 23 USC IBM-360/44

The tables on the next two pages summarize the Host status for this period.

_______________ *The BBN Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) is a prototype and as such is frequently not connected to the Network, but being used to refine and debug the Terminal IMP programs.

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NO. SITE DATE AND TIME (EASTERN) --- ---- ----------------------- 6/19 6/21 6/22 6/23 6/26 6/27 6/28 6/29 6/30 1700 1830 1530 1300 1600 1400 1400 1600 1530 1 UCLA-NMC O O O O O D H O O 65 UCLA-CCN* O O O T O O O O O 2 SRI-ARC O O O O D O O D D 66 SRI-AI D D D D D D #D D O 3 UCSB-MOD75 O O O O O O O O O 4 UTAH-10 O O O D O O D H D 69 BBN-TENEX O O O T O O O F O 133 BBN-TENEXB #D #D #D #D #D #D #D #D #D 6 MIT-MULTICS O D O O O O O O D 70 MIT-DMCG O F O O O F H O O 134 MIT-AI H H H O O O O O O 194 MIT-ML H H H O H H D H H 71 RAND-CSG O O O H O D O O O 8 SDC-ADEPT D D #D #D D #D #D D #D 9 HARVARD-10 #D #D O O O O O O O 10 L.L.-360 H T H H H T H H H 74 L.L.-TX-2 T O R D O O #D O O 11 STANFORD-AI O O O O O O O T O 13 CASE D D D D D D D D D 14 CMU-10 O O O O O O D D O 15 AMES-ILLIAC O O O O O D O O T 16 AMES-67 D D D D D D D D D

D = Dead (Destination Host either dead or inaccessible [due to network partitioning or local IMP failure] from the BBN Terminal IMP.)

F = Full (Destination Host opened a connection, informed user that all Network ports were in use, and immediately closed the connection.)

H = 1/2 Open (Destination Host opened a connection but then either immediately closed it, or did not respond any further.)

O = Open (Destination Host opened a connection and was accessible to users.)

R = Refused (Destination Host returned a CLS to the initial RFC.)

T = Timed out (Destination Host did not complete the ICP and open a connection within 60 seconds.) _______________ *The only service currently offered by the UCLA IBM-360/91 is a Network Job Service (NETRJS), however, the BBN Terminal IMP is not equipped to test NETRJS. We are assuming that initial connection to the NETRJS logger indicates that NETRJS is also functioning. #These sites advertise that they may not have their...