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Demonstration at International Computer Communications Conference (RFC0371) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003555D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Jul-01
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NWG/ RFC #371 Robert Kahn NIC 11020 BBN 12 July 1972


The International Computer Communications Conference, scheduled for 24-26 October 1972 at the Washington, D.C. Hilton Hotel, is a newly organized conference intended to address a broad set of issues in the Computer Communications field. Approximately 17 sessions are currently planned for the conference. The social implications of this field are a matter of widespread interest that reaches society in almost all walks of life; education, medicine, research, business and government. All these areas will be affected as the field develops.

I am organizing a computer communication network demonstration to run in parallel with the sessions. This demonstration will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain first hand experience in the use of a computer network. The theme of the demonstration will be on the value of computer communication networks, emphasizing topics such as data base retrieval, combined use of several machines, real-time data access, interactive cooperation, simulation systems, simplified hard copy techniques, and so forth. I am hoping to present a broad sampling of computer based resources that will provide attendees with some perspective on the utility of computer communication networks.

Terminal equipment has already been offered by many different manufacturers and we are beginning to home in on the application areas. The plan is to deliver a TIP to the Hilton and to connect it into the ARPANET. All terminals at the Hilton will then be connected directly to the TIP. Software resources on the ARPANET as well as resources in other nets that can be temporarily connected to the ARPANET and made available for the purpose of demonstration will be available. In most cases it is possible to arrange for terminal access via...