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UCLA Campus Computing Network Liaison Staff for ARPANET (RFC0423) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003588D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Dec-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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The ARPA Network contacts at CCN are: ------------------------------------

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Network Working Group Barbara B. Noble

Request for Comments #423 UCLA-CCN

NIC #13008 December 12, 1972

Category: BBN:hzt

Updates: RFC #389




The ARPA Network contacts at CCN are:


1. Initial Contact - User Relations Bob Bell (213) 825-7548

2. ARPA Liaison - User Services Barbara Noble (213) 825-7438


3. Network Technical Liaison Robert Braden (213) 825-7518

4. Operations Manager William Tippit (213) 825-7546

5. Operations (213) 825-7554

6. Consulting (213) 825-7452

Please make initial contact with CCN through these representatives:

A. Administrative Matters and General Facility Orientation:


Bob Bell, Head - User Relations (213) 825-7548

Bob or Doug Cummings handles administrative matters, such as:

charge number applications and funding, and will discuss

your application and the facilities and services available

at CCN.

B. Network Technical Matters:


Robert Braden, Manager of Programming (213) 825-7518

Bob handles problems with Network protocol and Network hardware.

When you are using CCN facilities:

A. _Programming_problems_ (JCL, compilers, documentation) and any other

problems you may have related to any aspect of using CCN;

Barbara Noble (213) 825-7438 or 825-7548, or call a consultant:

Consulting (213) 825-7452

Jim Adams, Head, User Services (213) 825-7529

Barbara is the focal point for all of your problems as soon as you

begin using our system. She will attempt to solve your programming

problems and to expedite any other matters involving your use of CCN.

B. _Operations_: Schedules, special handling, etc.

Operations (213) 825-7554

William Tippit, Operations Manager (213) 825-7546

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