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Original Publication Date: 1970-Apr-01
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Network Working Group A. G. Nemeth Request for Comments: 43 M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory 8 April 1970

Proposed Meeting

On Friday, 8 May 1970, at 9:30 AM a meeting at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory is proposed. A description of LIL (Local Interaction Language) for the TSP (Terminal Support Processor) system will be presented.

The purpose of the TSP system is to provide a flexible I/O capability for network users. In order to achieve maximum flexibility, the system is user-programmable in an interpretable language called LIL.

LIL has the appropriate primitives for manipulating tree structures (for interactive graphics) as well as message-oriented I/O. The general purpose portion of the language is used to specify the I/O handlers and the display structures.

A discussion of the problems of handling interactive programs over the ARPA network will follow.

This conference is intended as a working group and each host should send as few or as many individuals as are actively interested. A working document on LIL will be mailed about a week in advance to interested individuals.

Anyone interested in attending and/or receiving the documents should contact A. G. Nemeth (x7354) or J. Forgie (x7173) at M.I.T. Lincoln Labs, Lexington, Mass. 02173, (617) 862-5500.

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