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Socket number list (RFC0433) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003593D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Dec-01
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Network Working Group Jon Postel (UCLA-NMC) Request for Comments: 433 Nancy Neigus (BBN) NIC 13491 22 December 1972 Categories: Socket Numbers References: 349

Socket Number List

The czar of socket numbers [Jon Postel] has established the following assignments for socket numbers used for public functions. Note that a socket number is a 40 bit quantity, the first 8 bits being the host specification, the next 24 bits being site specific, and the last 8 bits being user specified - these last 8 bits are called the AEN [it stands for, cleverly enough, Another Eightbit Number].

For the assignments here the value in the host field ranges across all hosts (unless otherwise specified), the value in the 24 bit field is zero, and the AEN is indicated here.

General Assignments:

Sockets Assignment

0 - 63 Network Wide Standard Functions 64 - 127 Host Specific Functions 128 - 239 Reserved for Future Use 240 - 255 Any Experimental Function

Particular Assignments:

Socket Assignment

1 Telnet 3 File Transfer 5 Remote Job Entry 7 Echo 9 Discard 19 Character Generator [e.g. TTYTST]

65 Speech Data Base @ ll-tx-2 (74) 67 Datacomputer @ cca (31)

241 NCP Measurement 243 Survey Measurement 245 LINK

The specifications for the assigned functions can be found in the documents listed here:

Postel and Neigus [Page 1]

RFC 433 Socket Number List 22 December 1972

Telnet RFC 318 File Transfer RFC 354 & RFC 385 Remote Job Entry RFC 407 Echo RFC 347 Discard RFC 348 Character Generator RFC 429 Speech Data Base SUR 37 Datacomputer [Murray @ CCA] NCP Measurment RFC 388 Survey Data [Kampe @ NMC] LINK [Bressler @ BBN]

It has come to our attention that there are several hosts performing useful public services on sockets which conflict with the above scheme. We hope we can resolve this problem with a minimum of disruption.

The following is a tabulation of socket numbers together with the services offered. This listing is presented as an aid to network users. If you know of a socket/function which has been left out or an entry which should be corrected or deleted please contact:

Jon Postel 3804 Boelter Hall Computer Science Department University of California Los Angeles, CA. 90024

Phone: (213) 825-2368

NIC Ident = JBP


Nancy Neigus Bolt Beranek and Newman 50 Moulton Street Cambridge, Mass. 02139

Phone: (617) 661-0100

NIC Ident = NJN

Postel and Neigus [Page 2]

RFC 433 Socket Number List 22 December 1972

We will be pleased to include socket/function information for other than "offical" sockets [e.g Tip News].

1 UCLA-NMC 1 Telnet 241 NCP Measurement 243 Survey Data 2 SRI-ARC 1 Telnet 3 File Transfer 5 Echo 7 CPYNET 9 SYSTAT 13 DATE-TIME 3 UCSB 1 Telnet 5 UCSB RJS [not ARPANET standard] 7 Echo 9 Discard 4 UTAH 1 Telnet 3 File Transfer 5 Echo 7 CPYNET 9 SYSTAT 13 DATE-TIME 5 NCC 6 MIT-Multics 1 Telnet 9 Harvard 1 Telnet 3 Sorry File Transfer 10 LL-67 1 Telnet 11 SAIL 1 Telnet 3 File Transfer 12 ILL-ANTS 13 CASE 1 Telnet 3 File Transfer 5 Echo 7 CPYNET 9 SYSTAT 13 DATE-TIME 14 CMU 1 Telnet ...