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Resource notebook framework (RFC0464) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003613D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Feb-01
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Network Working Group Michael D. Kudlick RFC # 464 SRI-ARC NIC # 14738 February 27, 1973

Resource Notebook Framework


The purpose of this RFC is to present a framework for coordinating all the surveys and data gathering efforts concerned with "resource notebook" type of information.

We have obtained agreement from ARPA with the framework, which is described below.

The scheme is designed with two purposes:

a) to avoid a proliferation of data gathering efforts, which would overwhelm the sites and persons supplying the much-needed information;

b) to give the responsibility to the NIC for coordinating the tasks associated with the resource notebook.

Two companion documents, NIC 14514 and NIC 14515 provide supplementary information to this RFC.

NIC 14514 describes the history of the Resource Notebook from 1971 to the present.

NIC 14515 contains the questionnaire that the NIC is currently sending to server sites for data on Network Resources.

A recent RFC by John Iseli and Dave Crocker (NWG/RFC #462, NIC 14434) also addresses the same problem area.

The proposed framework for data collection suggested by John and Dave is different from the framework outlined in this RFC.


The Network Information Center will coordinate the task of collecting, verifying, and disseminating information of a "resource notebook" nature.

a) Collecting and verifying the data.

Kudlick [Page 1]

RFC 464 Resource Notebook Framework February 1973

Because of the magnitude of this task, regional data collectors would provide assistance both to the NIC and to the sites supplying the information.

We think that initially there should be five regions: Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Mid- Continent.

The regional agent would collect the information from the sites in their region and forward it to NIC for inclusion in the Resource Notebook data base.

The NIC...