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Workshop on multi-site executive programs (RFC0471) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003618D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Mar-01
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Network Working Group Bob Thomas Request for Comments: #471 BBN-TENEX NIC #14800 March 13, 1973

Announcement Of A (Tentative) Workshop On Multi Site Executive Programs

An executive program is one which accepts and interprets commands from a user, calling upon other programs to provide the resources required to satisfy each command. There is currently interest in making resources on the ARPANET available to the user via a standard, conversational facility which one might call an ARPANET Executive. With such a facility a user at a Host site or a TIP could conveniently access a wide range of resources at other sites without mastering the idiosyncrasies of each Host operating system which is contributing resources.

For example, the ARPANET executive could make it possible to locate (by name) a user logged in anywhere on the network and to establish a teletype link to that user in order to engage in an on-line dialogue. It could also provide status information on the subnet and on all Hosts, on-line ARPANET news service, on-line collections of trouble reports, etc. The range of possible services is practically unlimited once a basic structure is devised for calling upon these services.

Major areas of interest here are: 1. How can the interfaces to resources of interest be standardized so as to be accessible by "server" processes;

2. How can communications with such server processes be standardized? (an ARPANET Executive protocol?)

3. To what extent can the conversational user interface be standardized in the user processes? (an ARPANET Executive language?)

4. How can access authentication and accounting procedures be modified to permit a user to "login" only...