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Distributed resources workshop announcement (RFC0504) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003637D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Apr-01
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Network Working Group Bob Thomas RFC # 504 BBN NIC # 16155 April 30, 1973

Workshop Announcement

Title: Automated Resource Sharing on the ARPANET

Date: Monday May 21, 1973

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Place: Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

Hosts: TENEX and TIP Groups at BBN

Theme: -----

This workshop will focus on various aspects of the question:

What steps can be taken to automate access to the distributed resources on the ARPANET?

In particular, how can we move from where we are today toward an environment which facilitates resource sharing by moving the burden of dealing with the network from the human user to processes which act on his behalf? Additionally, operating systems themselves perform various operations not directly initiated by human users which could better be performed with the availability of resources on other systems (e.g. file system backup); how can we move toward an environment which facilitates such system-system cooperation?

Objectives of Workshop: ----------------------

1. To identify and clarify the issues raised by automated resource sharing. What are the obstacles preventing more widespread resource sharing on the ARPANET? Are they technical, political, administrative in nature? Is it that there are few resources worth sharing (we don’t think so)? Is automated sharing a bad idea (We don’t think so)?

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RFC 504 Workshop Announcement April 1973

2. To identify resources at various network sites appropriate for automated sharing; and to identify the need for resources which don’t but should exist.

3. To formulate a series of experiments for the purpose of evaluating relative merits and disadvantages of different approaches to automating resource sharing. The intent of such experimentation is to gain experience through construction and use of prototype systems which support automated sharing.

Format of Workshop: ------------------


In order to get the workshop "up to speed", each participant will be expected to give a brief presentation of relevant work he (his site) is currently engaged in, is planning to do, or to identify and discuss issues he feels are relevant to the subject. Time will be allowed for brief discussion after each presentation.


General discussion of the issues raised during the morning session. Possible subjects for discussion include (but need not be limited to):

1. Identification of possible multi-site "services". Intersite mail, terminal linking, status information are some examples - what are others?

2. Identification of resources appropriate for remote utilization. File systems, compilers, on-line query systems, manuscript preparation systems are some examples - what are others?

3. Access to remote resources. Possibility of access paths other than the standard logger port. To what extent (if at all) can the access paths to a variety of different resources be standardized? How can resources which may move from Host to Host or may be available on several Ho...