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Enterprise phone service to NIC from ARPANET sites (RFC0511) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003639D
Original Publication Date: 1973-May-01
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ARPA Network Information Center Jeanne North Stanford Research Institute SRI NIC Menlo Park, California 94025 23 May 1973

RFC 511 NIC 16442 Updates NIC 7554, NIC 7732

Enterprise Phone Service to NIC From ARPANET Sites

In September 1971, NIC arranged for all Sites then on the Network to have phone service to NIC with all tolls billed to NIC. (7554,). In October, (7732,) a revised list of numbers established for Sites was issued. Since then, some Sites have requested the service, and further arrangements have been made. A list of present Enterprise and Zenith numbers is attached. This list is accessible online through <NIC>LOCATOR.

NIC has considered consolidating to one 800 number, but this service would be much more expensive. Enterprise numbers (Zenith in California) are billing arrangements which must be made separately for each prefix, not just each area code, so that even users in the same area usually need a special arrangement. Although admittedly more awkward than an 800 number, the present arrangement costs about $800 per month; an 800 number would cost about $2200 per month.

NIC would be interested in response from users as to their satisfaction with the present arrangement. Any Site actually on the Network which does not have an Enterprise number and would like to have one, is invited to call NIC to request one.

NIC also arranged for an answering service on the Enterprise or Zenith numbers for calls that are received from 5pm to 8am. We apologize to any users who have found this service faulty recently. We have reinstituted the service and assume it will be satisfactory in supplying information on the status of NIC operations at times other than 8 to 5 when our full staff is here. Your comments on this would be appreciated.

Ident Site Phone

ABERDEEN Aberdeen R & D Center Enterprise 0740

AMES-67 NASA Ames Research Center dial (415) 329-0740 -TIP

ARPA Network Information Center Jeanne North

ARPA-TIP Adv Research Projects Agency Enterprise 1-0740


BBN-NCC BBN--Network Group Enterprise 0740


CASE-10 Case Western Reserve Enterprise 0740

CCA Computer Corp. of America Enterprise 0740

CMU-CC Carnegie-Mellon Univ. Enterprise 9074 -10

DOCB Dept. of Commerce, Boulder Enterprise 0740

ETAC-TIP Washington, D.C. Enterprise 1-0740

HARV-1 Harvard University Enterprise 0740 -10 -11