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Host status (RFC0597) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003671D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Dec-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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Attached are the latest network maps -- geographic and logical -- and a list of Hosts connected to the ARPANET.

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Network Working Group N. Neigus

Request for Comment: 597 J. Feinler

NIC: 20826 12 December 1973

Host Status

Attached are the latest network maps -- geographic and logical -- and

a list of Hosts connected to the ARPANET.

The geographic map shows all IMPs and TIPs currently installed in the


The logical map diagrams the current (as of Dec. 10, 1973) status of

all computers on the net, with the exception of MIT-MULTICS which is

shown in the advanced state of being attached to IMP #44 rather than

IMP #5. (My apologies for not reprinting the map.) Hosts with

interfaces to the subnet are shown with intersected ovals; the small

"v" represents a Very Distant Host (VDH) interface to the IMP; IMPs

are the solid black circles and TIPs the circles with "T" enclosed.

The two jagged lines represent satellite links.

Note: The names listed on this map are unofficial IMP names, NOT

official Host names.

The list of Hosts includes current sites as well as those projected

to come onto the net within the next two months. At the end is an

incomplete list of installations to be connected further in the

future. Dates for connection have been included only for the next

few months to prevent gross inaccuracy.

The Host's network address is given in octal and decimal.

Interfaces from the subnet to the particular computer are listed

in parentheses and may be ignored.

A site is considered a Server or User of the network based on

self-proclamation. Limited Server implies the site performs

service functions but for a restricted group of users dedicated

Servers implies the type of service is restricted, not the user

group. In all cases normal site access restrictions are observed.

Included in the status column is any special operating system

available for that Host, that is not supplied by the computer


This RFC contains official Host names as of December, 1973. Naming

conventions and an official Hostname list, which will be maintained

at the NIC by Jake Feinler (FEINLER@NIC), will be published in the

ARPANEWS. A version of this list will be available online at the

NIC, the location to be announced with the official Hostname list.

(Other sites are encouraged to make copies of this list available on

their own systems.) In addition, a printed version will be issued

periodically as part of the Resource Notebook

Host Address Hostname (Interface)-> Status...