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Request for monitor host table updates (RFC0620) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003693D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-12
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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B. Ferguson: AUTHOR

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10.17487/RFC0620: DOI


In conjunction with moving NIC users to OFFICE-1; see also RFCs 621 and 609.

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Network Working Group Bill Ferguson (SRI-ARC) Request for Comments: 620 Mar 1974 NIC # 21993

Request for Monitor Host Table Updates

The ARC/NIC group has successfully been running OFFICE-1 for several weeks now. Our NIC users have been transferred to that site, and are receiving all their computation from TYMSHARE. In conjunction with this change, we would like all sites to change their monitor HOST tables, effective Friday, March 8, 1974.

The net change we wish to accomplish is the following: 1) Site 53 (octal) is OFFICE-1 2) Site 2 is SRI-ARC 3) The nickname for site 2 is ARC (not NIC) 4) The nickname for site 53 is NIC Please note that now that NIC services are available from OFFICE-1, they rather than SRI-ARC should be accessed over the network as "NIC".

To effect this change, each TENEX site’s monitor host table should be updated in the following manner. The actual host name section should contain the following entries (they may already be present).

CC.(2,SR1-ARC,USER!SERVER!TENEX) CC.(253,TYMSHARE-TIP,USER!TIP) CC.(53,OFFICE-1,USER!SERVER!TENEX) Further, the NICKNAME table should contain the following entries. The entry for NIC should be changed to refer to site 53 (octal), and a new entry for ARC should be added. Specifically, they are:



Other Network sites, not running TENEX, should make these changes in a manner consistent with their operating system.

As mentioned above, these changes are ef...