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Belated Network Meeting Report (RFC0063) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003702D
Original Publication Date: 1970-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-11
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Network Working Group V. Cerf Request for Comments #63 31 July 70

Belated Network Meeting Report

On 8 May 1970, a Network Working Group meeting was hosted at Lincoln Labs. The topics under discussion were:

1) Lincoln Lab’s Local Interaction Language (LIL)

2) Records, Messages, and Format in HOST-HOST information exchange.

3) Miscellaneous gripes

The first topic is thoroughly summarized in Lincoln Lab’s Semi annual Technical Summary titled "Graphics", dated May 31, 1970 (document id. ESD-TR-70-151).

The second topic involved considerable discussion of NWG/RFC #42 in which it was proposed that all messages be preceded by an 8-bit type byte which would declare the format of the message which followed.

The following decisions were reached:

a) Records may begin anywhere within a message.

b) The first 8 bits of a record are reserved for type information.

c) The first transmission on a connection starts a record.

Type 0 is agreed to mean that the transmission that follows consists of an arbitrarily long record, and that no further type bytes will be present.

The notions of messages and records are independent of the flow-control protocol. Thus the receipt of a message does not carry any semantic importance. The receipt of a record, however, may initiate some interpre- tation process.

After some discussion, the proposals in NWG/RFC #42 were permuted as follows:

type 0 = bit string of arbitrary length follows

type 1 = 8-bit ASCII follows

type 2 = EBCDIC follows

type 3 = MOD 33 TTY 7-bit ASCII

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