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IMP/TIP preventive maintenance schedule (RFC0638) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003710D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Apr-01
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A.M. McKenzie: AUTHOR

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Corrects RFC 633.

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Network Working Group Alex A. McKenzie Request for Comments: 638 BBN-NET NIC: 30538 April 25, 1974

IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This RFC corrects numerous inaccuracies in RFC #633. Rather than trying to list all the changes, I urge all Liaisons and other interested parties to look carefully at the times now listed for the sites they are interested in.

This note presents the current IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance schedule. Preventive Maintenance is scheduled on a monthly basis and a given machine is normally scheduled at the same time each month; wherever possible the time is chosen to coincide with the PM time for the Host(s) at the site.

It is sometimes necessary to reschedule PM’s because of network connectivity considerations or for other reasons. Whenever this is necessary we will follow the usual procedure for scheduling down time with our "primary contact" at the site. Permanent changes to the schedule will he announced via the RFC mechanism.

PM’s normally do not require the IMP/TIP to be taken down. However, machines must be taken down in some cases, so no one should rely on the machine remaining available through the PM period.


All times shown below are Eastern Time.

First Monday (of each month)

5 BBN IMP [0830-1130]

40 NCC TIP [1130-1430]

47 WRIGHT-PATTERSON [1300-1700]

First Tuesday

30 BBN TIP [0830-1130]

3 UCSB [1130-1430]

McKenzie [Page 1]

RFC 638 IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance Schedule April 1974

First Wednesday

14 CARNEGIE [0830-1130]

2 SRI [1200-1500]

First Thursday

26 SDAC [0830-1130]

4 UTAH [1030-1330]

41 NORSAR [0830-1130]

42 LONDON [0830-1130]

Second Monday

6 MIT-MAC [0830-1130]

44 MIT-IPC [1200-1500]

25 DOCB [1030-1330]

Second Tuesday

17 MITRE [0830-1130]

23 USC [1130-1430]

Second Wednesday

31 CCA [0830-1130]

11 STANFORD [1200-1500]

32 XEROX [1400-1700]

18 RADC [0900-1200]

Second Thursday

27 BELVOIR [0830-1130]

35 UCSD [1130-1430]

37 RML [0930-1230]

McKenzie [Page 2]

RFC 638 IMP/TIP Preventive Maintenance Schedule April 1974

Second Friday

43 TYM...