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November, 1974, survey of New-Protocol Telnet servers (RFC0669)

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Original Publication Date: 1974-Dec-01
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D.W. Dodds: AUTHOR


Two months have elapsed since our last survey, and the appearance of additional New-Protocol servers has progressed at the usual snail's pace. The changes in this list are (with host numbers in octal):

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Network Working Group                                         D.W. Dodds Request for Comments: 669                                     BBN-TENEXA NIC: 31435                                              December 4, 1974

          November, 1974, Survey of New-Protocol TELNET Servers

    Two months have elapsed since our last survey, and the appearance of    additional New-Protocol servers has progressed at the usual snail's    pace.  The changes in this list are (with host numbers in octal):

   SRI-AI (102) now has a New-Protocol server;    SDC-LAB (10) is back on the net and the list;    SDC-CC (110) is coming on the net but status is as yet unknown;    USC-ISI (126) and USC-ISIB (226) (formerly ISI-DEVTENEX) now have    New-Protocol servers;    SDAC-44 (32) has been removed -- no longer classed as a server host;    HAWAII-500 (344) is coming on the net, status presently unknown;    LONDON (52) has been added;    BBN-TENEXD is now host 162 (formerly 205).

   What follows is an update of the summary and tabulation that appeared    in RFC #702.*  Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

         total server hosts             37      100%          no New-Prot server             19       51%          unknown status (new host)       2        6%          total New-Prot implem.         16       43%              New-Prot on socket 27,                  Old on socket 1 (2)     9       24%              New-Prot on 1 and 27 (3)    6       16%              New-Prot on 1 only (3)      1        3%


   *   All data in this report were gathered via a surveying program run        at various times, plus a few manual checks to fill out the data.        What is reported here is the way the various servers work as seen        by the new-Protocol User Telnet at BBNA, as of 4 Dec. 1974.

   (2) These are the sites whose operation is 100% correct according to        all protocols and conventions, as I understand them.

   (3) We realize that some of the servers that appear here as New-        Protocol servers on socket 1 are actually servers which attempt        to communicate with both Old- and New-Protocol User TELNETs        according to what control sequences are received.

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 RFC 669          Survey of New-Protocol TELNET Servers     December 1974

                Tabulation of server status for all server sites:

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