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Procedure call documents: Version 2 (RFC0674) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003725D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-14
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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Host level protocol used in the NSW--a slightly constrained version of ARPANET Host-to-Host protocol, affecting allocation, RFNM wait, and retransmission; see also RFC 684.

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<GJOURNAL>31484.NLS;1, 12-DEC-74 04:32 XXX ;;;; Title: Author(s): Jonathan B. Postel/JBP; Distribution: /NAG( [ ACTION ] ) NLG( [ ACTION ] ) NSW( [ ACTION ] ) PI( [ ACTION ] ) ; Sub-Collections: NIC NWG SRI-ARC NAG NLG NSW PI; RFC# 674; Clerk: JAKE; Origin: < NETINFO, RFC674.NLS;2, >, 11-DEC-74 17:58 JAKE ;;;;####;

NWG/RFC# 674 JBP 11-DEC-74 18:04 31484 Procedure Call Protocol Documents

Request for Comments 674 Jon Postel NIC 31484 Jim White SRI-ARC 12 December 1974

Procedure Call Protocol Documents Version 2


As many of you may know SRI is part of a team working on the National Software Works project. In the course of our work we have developed a Procedure Call Protocol to be used between the modules which make up the NSW. We are interested in your comments on this protocol. Please foreward your remarks to either: 2

James E. White (WHITE@SRI-ARC) or Jon Postel (POSTEL@SRI-ARC) 2a

Augmentation Research Center Stanford Research Institute Menlo Park, California 94025 2b

(415) 326-6200 x2960 (White) or x3718 (Postel) 2c

This note announces the release of the second published version of several National Software Works (NSW) and Procedure Call Protocol (PCP) documents. Version 2 is SUBSTANTIALLY different than Version 1; it and all intermediate, informally distributed PCP documents are obsoleted by this release. 3

Each of the following documents is available on-line in two forms: as an NLS file and as a formatted text file. The Journal number (e.g. 24459) refers to the former, of course, and the pathname (e.g. [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PCP.TXT) to the latter, accessible via FTP using USER=ANONYMOUS and PASSWORD=GUEST (no account required). Let it be emphasised that files indicated by pathname of the form [SRI-ARC]<NLS>name.TXT are ASCII text files not NLS files. 4

The specifications are contained in the following documents: 5

HOST (24581,) "NSW Host Protocol" 5a

This document describes the host level protocol used in the NSW. The protocol is a slightly constrained version of the standard ARPANET host to host protocol. The constraints affect the allocation, RFNM wait, and retransmission policies. 5a1

NWG/RFC# 674 JBP 11-DEC-74 18:04 31484 RFC 674; PCP Announcement

Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>HOST.TXT 5a1a

PCP (24459,) "The Procedure Call Protocol" 5b

This document describes the virtual programming environment provided by PCP, and the inter-process exchanges that implement it. 5b1

Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PCP.TXT 5b1a

PIP (24460,) "The Procedure Interface Package" 5c

This document describes a package that runs in the setting provided by PCP and that serves as a procedure-call-level interface to PCP proper. It includes procedures for calling, resuming, interrupting, and aborting remote procedures. 5c1

Pathname: [SRI-ARC]<NLS>PIP.TXT 5c1a

PSP (24461,) "The PCP Support Package" 5d

This document describes a package that runs in the setting provided by PCP and that augments PCP proper, largely in the area of data store manipulation. It includes procedures for obtaining...