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CWD command of FTP (RFC0697) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003742D
Original Publication Date: 1975-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-14
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10.17487/RFC0697: DOI


Discusses FTP login access to "files only" directories.

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Network Working Group Jim Lieb RFC # 697 SUMEX-AIM NIC # 32963 July 14, 1975

CWD Command of FTP


The Tenex file system support a "files only" directory. This type of directory cannot be "logged in" but it can be "connected to". A login gives directory "owner" access to the job generated by the system and an address space in which the user can execute programs. A connect allows an existing job and its associated user "owner" access to a directory but creates no address space. The words "owner", "group", and "universal" or "public" determine which field of the protection specification is to be used to check the legality of a file access request.


The Tenex FTP server does not allow an FTP Login to a "files only" directory. The current protocol contains the CWD (Change Working Directory) command which gets part of the "connect" functions but it does not grant "owner" access to the user. Therefore, there is no way a user can access a "files only" directory as the "owner" (i.e. he can supply the password). This is undesirable for private directories of this type since it is uneconomical to define a user - directory "group" for so few directories and unrestricted "public" access may be undesirable.


There are two approach we can take. Either we remove the distinction "files only" from the FTP login, or we create a command that does the "connect" function. The restriction placed on "files only" directories is based on how we define a user of FTP to the server. If we say that any net user who...