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Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699 (RFC0699)

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003744D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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J. Postel: AUTHOR [+1]


This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 600 through RFC 699. This is a kind of status report on these RFCs.

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Network Working Group J. Postel

Request for Comments: 699 J. Vernon


November 1982

Requests For Comments Summary

Notes: 600-699

This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 600

through RFC 699. This is a kind of status report on these RFCs.

RFC Author Date Title

--- ------ --------- -----

699 Postel 10 Nov 82 Requests for Comments Summary

Notes: 600-699

This summary.

698 Tovar 23 Jul 75 Telnet Extended ASCII Option

Describes an option to allow transmission of a special kind of

extended ASCII used at the Stanford AI and MIT AI Labs.

697 Lieb 14 Jul 75 CWD Command of FTP

Discusses FTP login access to "files only" directories.

696 Cerf 17 Jul 75 Comments on the IMP/HOST and

HOST/IMP Protocol Changes

Observations on current international standards recommendations from

IFIP working group 6.1; see also RFCs 692, 690 687.

695 Krilanovich 5 Jul 75 Official Change in Host-Host Protocol

Corrects ambiguity concerning the ERR command; changes NIC 8246 and

NIC 7104.

694 Postel 18 Jun 75 Protocol Information

References to documents and contacts concerning the various protocols

used in the ARPANET, as well as recent developments; updates RFC 661.

693 Not Issued

692 Wolfe 20 Jun 75 Comments on IMP/Host Protocol Changes

RFC 699 November 1982

A proposed solution to the problem of combined length of IMP and Host

leaders; see also RFCs 696, 690 and 687.

691 Harvey 28 May 75 One More Try on the FTP

Slight revision of RFC 686, on the subject of print files; see also

RFCs 640, 630, 542, 454, 448, 414, 385 and 354.

690 Postel 6 Jun 75 Comments on the proposed Host/IMP

Protocol Changes

Comments on suggestions in RFC 687; see also RFCs 692 and 696.

689 Clements 23 May 75 TENEX NCP Finite State Machine for


Describes the internal states of an NCP connection in the TENEX


688 Walden 4 Jun 75 Tentative Schedule for the New TELNET

Implementation for the TIP

687 Walden 2 Jun 75 IMP/Host and Host/IMP Protocol Changes

Addressing hosts on more th...